Review: Crackers by Bad Dragon


Manufacturer: Bad Dragon
Type: Dildo
Size: Medium
Material: Silicone
Price: $110 ($80~$200)


Size comparison

Bad Dragon is an online-based sex toy manufacturer that specializes in custom fantasy dildos i.e. dragons, wyverns, werewolves, etc. The toys are made-to-order so long waiting times are to be expected and they are quite expensive, but despite all that I find myself coming back for more, again and again.

So before I go any further I should confess that I have quite an affinity for Bad Dragon’s toys. It is not much the fantasy aspect for me (although it definitely is for many of their customers) but rather that they make really high quality toys. The dildos are molded with a very high quality silicone that is entirely odorless and has a very realistic feel. Their firmness and size ranges from squishy to stiff and small to huge.

The cock that is the subject of this review is a “Crackers the Cockatrice”, sized medium. I know little about Cockatrices but this one is okay in my book. It has a usable length of 7.25 inches and a girth of 8.25 inches, so he is a big fellow. I actually have a sized large Crackers too, but I had seriously overestimated my own limits when I bought him.

I know little about Cockatrices but this one is okay in my book.

Crackers quickly became one of my go-to toys because he hits a perfect balance of size and girth. The swollen mid-section of the shaft and the numerous nubs and wrinkles makes for a fun and exciting ride. Once I pass the widest part the rest will get sucked in and bring a satisfying sensation of fullness. The arched shape also makes sure he rubs against all the right spots and for an extra bit of fun you can turn him around for a different feeling altogether.

This is the first Bad Dragon dildo I’m reviewing and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I highly recommend this to anyone willing to pay the price for an otherworldly sexual experience.


He’s quite a beast.

The bulged shaft is especially stimulating.